My artist freelancer’s guide to online networking. #COVID19

My top tips for surviving and thriving online. We’re all at sea with this coronavirus pandemic, and for freelancers in the UK it’s also been a body blow to learn that  (the the time of writing this) our Government has failed to support our incomes in line with employees. With so much creative industry work cancelledContinue reading “My artist freelancer’s guide to online networking. #COVID19”

Networked out? Autism and ‘real time’ in professional practice.

It’s time to talk networking and how it can work against autistic art professionals in particular. I won’t talk beyond my own experience but I hope what I say can apply more widely.  SO networking. From the outside I appear relatively networked in. I have public funding, and I’m a member of an artists’ studiosContinue reading “Networked out? Autism and ‘real time’ in professional practice.”