Turning up for work #autism

  (A photograph from my Orphaned Identities series.)  I was recently commissioned by the Arts Council, to undertake a case study of my practice as an autistic arts professional, in order  to design a series of access measures – which may also be of benefit to others. I’m learning a great deal, some of whichContinue reading “Turning up for work #autism”

Networked out? Autism and ‘real time’ in professional practice.

It’s time to talk networking and how it can work against autistic art professionals in particular. I won’t talk beyond my own experience but I hope what I say can apply more widely.  SO networking. From the outside I appear relatively networked in. I have public funding, and I’m a member of an artists’ studiosContinue reading “Networked out? Autism and ‘real time’ in professional practice.”

The challenge of being clear about who you are as an autistic professional.

  Well I’m very glad to have sorted this conundrum out over the last few days.  I guess you could say my artist website has suffered from jet lag since my diagnosis of autism in March 2016. I processed my evolving identity as an autistic person through this blog, which has always felt more dynamic toContinue reading “The challenge of being clear about who you are as an autistic professional.”