A foreign country and a bloodhound brain #autism

I follow trails – endless trails, down endless rabbit holes it seems, which echo with endless bile and all that political chatter. Not idle. No. But quite quite mountainous.

And yet my ‘unusual brain’ (a bloodhound of sorts) hunts on (and on). Seeking patterns to arrive at meanings. This time predicated on fear.

Autism: sensory challenge, overload and functionality at work.

I think that for ‘neurologically biased’ we should read neurological privilege and allow that working accommodations begin right there. But first the bias must be revealed and spoken.

Why you shouldn’t identify with autistic people. Try some empathy instead.

Often NT people begin to think that they themselves could be ‘a little bit’ autistic, with a matching and equal array of challenges.

The art of autistic self-hood

(Uncertain Weather System in Place, 2016)   As there seems to be no specific aftercare following my diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome, I’m quite busy working things out for myself. Fortunately for me this is one of my autistic strengths. But specialist services would make a huge difference to my life. So going it alone isContinue reading “The art of autistic self-hood”

“Finger wagging bad.” An autistic perspective on neurotypical behaviour

I’ve also learned a bucketload of politeness and know how to wait and take my turn. I can even mimic patience – I do this as well as any professional stage actor.