Waiting for an Arts Council decision

My process of application to Art Council England (ACE) is coming to a close and I will be documenting it in the final two weeks. Even though it is statistically more probable that I won’t be successful I want the decision to be visible.

I have some serious questions about the process, having gone through it. How many autistic artists are failed by unwieldy bureaucratic stipulations and the new inaccessible online portal? Even prior to this hurdle we risk failing to meet criteria due to the embedded and hidden social agendas that dominate preferred professional practices.

Fundamental to the application is the understanding of neurotypical professional advancement in all it’s complexity – I am willing to bet that the majority of us don’t conceive of our professional practices in this way. This is but one area of hidden code. I could name many more but that will be for another much longer blog post.

Research is needed into how many autistic artists apply to ACE for their own work, and are successful. I’m not talking about autistics as subjects or clients – but rather as artists in their own right.




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2 thoughts on “Waiting for an Arts Council decision

  1. Whether or not I am on the spectrum I don’t know (no funding for mental health in my area), but I share many characteristics of aspies. I have tried several times to make an application to ACW and have never managed to get to the point of actually applying, despite many phonecalls, meetings and attempts to understand what they need. In the end, for the time being at least, I have decided I would rather go without the funding and make all my own decisions as (going through the application proceedure) it isjust reducing the limited time I have for my practice.

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    1. So hard to make the gamble to spend time on this process. I completely understand your view. In time and with the right information it might seem more accessible. I’m hoping we can change what’s wrong at source, and/or build a support network for ND artists.

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