Spaced out.

Photo on 23-04-2016 at 12.20(It’s now May 11th and my ears are still ringing.)


Tinnitus. My head wide open. Eyes far apart. That spaced out feeling.

I am floating somewhere in the in-between.

Sound is shape shifting. I’m nostalgic for that day when tiredness formed an echo so that every voice warped into unearthly forms, magically transformed into nonsense. I was 10.

Blaaaah blAAAH Blaaaah blAAAH Blaaaah….

It never happened again.

5 days of ringing in my ears. Is this a new thing?

It’s not unpleasant. I feel otherworldly. Disconnected.


No one else can hear this.

When I tune in my eyes drift to the windows.

In a meeting it is pleasant.

At home it is an exercise in levitation.

I tune in and tune out.

I wait. Not knowing if this will stop.



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I am an artist.

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