Sonia Boué is an artist. She is also a writer on autism and art, and a leading consultant for neurodiversity in the arts.

At The Other Side, she writes about autism and art.

Her multiform work explores home and the domestic as metaphors for exile and displacement. Sonia also has a significant body of postmemory work.

Currently Sonia is in the research and development phase of an Arts Council England funded project called Neurophototherapy to create a practice-led self-recovery model for late-diagnosed autistic females. This project is live on Instagram @s_boue

Past Projects:

Arts Council Funded England NUNO Project which focused on autistic leadership and supported 14 artists, bringing together two networks to create an equal platform for neurodivergent artists (2021)  
BBC Radio 4 programme The Art of Now: Return to Catalonia, with Overtone Productions (2019)
Arts Council England funded Museum for Object Research, which included a professional development initiative for autistic project leadership (2017)
Arts Council England funded Through An Artist’s Eye (2016)
Film collaboration with Tate Britain about the British artist Felicia Browne (2015)


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