A growing tribute and a question of labels. #HeatherHeyer #Ramblas

  I began a tribute to Heather Heyer called Rest in Outrage. Shortly after the vile act of terrorism which took her life, we witnessed another – the atrocity of Las Ramblas in Barcelona. So I’ve felt compelled to cast my gaze back to my beloved childhood haunts, and stretch my tribute work across these two traumaticContinue reading “A growing tribute and a question of labels. #HeatherHeyer #Ramblas”

My heart is breaking for Barcelona. A personal eulogy for #RamblasdeBarcelona

I only know that a few days ago I began my tribute to Heather Heyer, invoking my Spanish ancestors to help me in my witness, and now I must cast my gaze to my old home town of Barcelona. Somehow these moments are joined despite their distant geographies.

My heart is breaking for Barcelona. For the Ramblas, and for all the victims of this latest act of terror. It seems the acts of witness are never done.  

What would Meri do? Reflections on the Spanish Civil War in a contemporary art practice.

This post relates to my research and the family history which fuels my art practice. My mission is to create a body of work around the themes emerging from a second generation experience of Spanish Republican exile to England.