The importance of respecting ND language as diverse and poetic

    (A photograph of a broken doll’s hand. Something I’m planning to work with in my studio. One click…)  The internet is a tricksy beast. One click and your most immediate thoughts and responses become potentially global. We have the power to appear imperiously on each other’s timelines on almost any platform you choseContinue reading “The importance of respecting ND language as diverse and poetic”

A school for autism. Or autism at school.

(A poem about one event, but also about growing up autistic in a neuro-dominant society. The photograph is a detail from my painting – Departure, 2015.)   I drove. I thought about writing for the second time. Titles flitted, skittered, played about. Dead leaves in a squall. I know why the caged bird sings returned,Continue reading “A school for autism. Or autism at school.”

A Shot in the Dark. Autism and TMS.

“Sometimes I allowed my thoughts, unchecked by reason, to ramble in the fields of Paradise, and dared to fancy amiable and lovely creatures sympathizing with my feelings and cheering my gloom; their angelic countenances breathed smiles of consolation. But it was all a dream; no Eve soothed my sorrows nor shared my thoughts; I wasContinue reading “A Shot in the Dark. Autism and TMS.”

Switched Off? (Autism and TMS).

  Photograph by Stu Allsopp at our switched on PV for Autism Family Support Oxfordshire’s Brain Dancing exhibition.  This post is about my personal reflections on and responses to John Elder Robison’s piece on TMS in The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism. Last night I read the interview with John Elder Robison on The ThinkingContinue reading “Switched Off? (Autism and TMS).”

Autism notes from within

    A photograph taken several years ago for my kids #autism I’m a diagnosis baby. It’s just over two weeks ago that I made a journey to the Lorna Wing Autism Centre in Bromley, to probably the most transformative encounter of my life. I’ve crossed a definite line. It’s true that I was always me.Continue reading “Autism notes from within”

Autism: not an illness or medical condition

In my time I’ve deleted many posts. Sometimes we blog, tweet and status update in haste. I’m also hyper aware of the corners of the internet where spats are a click away, and it can certainly be an unforgiving environment. Yet I’m compelled to tackle the following analogy. I don’t want to identify  the authorContinue reading “Autism: not an illness or medical condition”

A Week of Autism

My paintings (Earth and Sky) will be included in an exhibition called Brain Dancing, hosted by Autism Family Support, Oxfordshire)  So how has it been to spend my first week as a newly diagnosed person? (You can read about my diagnosis in Asperger Syndrome and Me) To say that I am ON TOP OF THE WORLDContinue reading “A Week of Autism”

Asperger Syndrome and me.

  I’m only planning to do this once. I am finally at the end of the road of all my doubts about my neurology. Yesterday I was given a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome by Dr Judith Gould of the Lorna Wing Centre. For those who don’t know, Dr Gould worked with Lorna Wing to developContinue reading “Asperger Syndrome and me.”