The art of autistic self-hood

(Uncertain Weather System in Place, 2016)   As there seems to be no specific aftercare following my diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome, I’m quite busy working things out for myself. Fortunately for me this is one of my autistic strengths. But specialist services would make a huge difference to my life. So going it alone isContinue reading “The art of autistic self-hood”

“Finger wagging bad.” An autistic perspective on neurotypical behaviour

I’ve also learned a bucketload of politeness and know how to wait and take my turn. I can even mimic patience – I do this as well as any professional stage actor.

Reflections on the birthday ritual and autism.

(Dirt Cups 2014, my homage to Meret Oppenheim’s 1936. Fur-covered cup, saucer, and spoon) It can be hard to strike the right birthday note. This post is about alternatives in the all pervasive social narrative of what makes for a happy birthday. While this dominance is unintentional, nonetheless it carries a potentially damaging myth about whatContinue reading “Reflections on the birthday ritual and autism.”

Autism Dx 1: Aftercare 0

So I finally got round to my post autism diagnosis GP appointment. On a tide of euphoria at officially becoming autistic I emailed my GP with a copy of my report, saying I would like to come in and talk about support. My GP wrote back promptly suggesting I make a double appointment and thankingContinue reading “Autism Dx 1: Aftercare 0”

Making it through.

My last post was about waiting for Arts Council England (ACE) to make a decision on my project. Funding from public money in the arts is limited and brings a great responsibility to the recipient. So I feel incredibly fortunate to have been awarded funding under the Grants for the Arts scheme, and will give myContinue reading “Making it through.”

Waiting for an Arts Council decision

My process of application to Art Council England (ACE) is coming to a close and I will be documenting it in the final two weeks. Even though it is statistically more probable that I won’t be successful I want the decision to be visible. I have some serious questions about the process, having gone throughContinue reading “Waiting for an Arts Council decision”

Uncertain Weather System in Place: autism, stigma and metaphor

I have a new piece of work. I have a new metaphor. I have a new dance with stigma. Thoughts swirl. Light on shadow, and shadow on light. I have courage and I am scared. I have privilege and choice.  New work takes time to absorb. I am almost six weeks into knowing that I amContinue reading “Uncertain Weather System in Place: autism, stigma and metaphor”