Reflections on the birthday ritual and autism.

(Dirt Cups 2014, my homage to Meret Oppenheim’s 1936. Fur-covered cup, saucer, and spoon) It can be hard to strike the right birthday note. This post is about alternatives in the all pervasive social narrative of what makes for a happy birthday. While this dominance is unintentional, nonetheless it carries a potentially damaging myth about whatContinue reading “Reflections on the birthday ritual and autism.”

Backpack Woman

  Marie Lund, Loads 2014, concrete and polyester. Photo by Andy Keate This is blog post about making changes that enable. Sometimes the changes are forced or counterintuitive. I’m enjoying thinking about how transformative some changes can be in enhancing our ability to function and in altering negative self-image. I’m inspired to write it by reading Ysette Guevara’sContinue reading “Backpack Woman”