Out of the Ashes – a talk for TORCH at Pitt Rivers Museum. #autism

In becoming visible, we encourage others to do the same. This creates momentum and so can lead to change. But, in doing so, we can be measured in what we share, and this too is our right.

Face it! #prosopagnosia #autism.

I’ll put it out there – I’ve had a very challenging time of it recently. It’s a funny thing finding out you’re autistic late in life. I still sometimes wake up in surprise at my ‘newfound’ situation – and lately find myself astonished at some random moment in my day when my autism is revealedContinue reading “Face it! #prosopagnosia #autism.”

Chris Packham – a watermark moment. #autism #actuallyautistic

Yes, Chris is an even more compelling personality as an autistic – so swallow that world. Absorb the truth that our unmasking can be your enriching. And not as a beguiling enchantment (as autism sometimes is portrayed) but as a reality – Chris didn’t smooth over the areas of intense struggle which led him to consider suicide seriously on three occasions.