Ode to Shelter

The visual poetics had me quite breathless today at the glorious Abbey at Sutton Coutenay, Oxfordshire. My assemblage, entitled Refuge has survived 11 nights sleeping rough and today in the late Summer sunshine finds echoes in it’s surroundings. What an extraordinarily beautiful place this is. Visit if you can – open 1-5pm until Saturday 3rd October forContinue reading “Ode to Shelter”

Underneath the Fig Tree

Sometimes fate brings the virtual to life, and so it was when, Alex Forshaw of Married with Aspergers, came to visit the Unravelling Time exhibition I’m currently participating in. We met under a fig tree, one unusually sunny Sunday in September, and over the course of three glorious hours Alex revealed herself to be exactly as sheContinue reading “Underneath the Fig Tree”

This is What I Do

This post is visual and follows on from my discovery of Amanda (now Mel) Baggs’ 2007 video, In My Language. The original post about Mel’s video is called I See Myself. Half homage, half exploration – I continue to see myself anew. Feeling my way into thinking, knowing, planning and fluid speech through tactile experienceContinue reading “This is What I Do”

I see myself

Objects vibrate, resonate, empathise and chatter. Objects speak. I’m so very grateful to Steve Silberman for introducing me to Amanda Baggs (now Amelia/Mel) on p16 of  NeuroTribes.  In 2007  a CNN video entitled ‘In My Language‘ featured Mel’s autistic language, consisting of wordless singing and stimming with objects and in response to the environment. In myContinue reading “I see myself”