Autism, masking and ageing. A personal view.

I’m on the cusp,  in the run up to a brave new decade. Contemporary culture demands I declare it the new something. Always something younger than, always more energetic than, and ever more ‘positive’ than before! 

I simply feel old. This is desperately, desperately unfashionable. I do know this. I should be scaling mountains and learning to yodel. 

Not thinking in pictures; autism and a possible sub-diagnosis of aphantasia.

  It’s been a curious time – one of transitions, I guess. Spring weather and lighter nights coincide with reaching beyond the 2 year anniversary of my diagnosis of autism. A decisive diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome came as a surprise, I expected equivocation and maybes’. Hidden disability is a tricky rogue, adept at fooling evenContinue reading “Not thinking in pictures; autism and a possible sub-diagnosis of aphantasia.”

Get networked in! Autism and systemic ableism in the arts.

I want everyone at Arts Council England  to know that telling anyone who begins a conversation by saying that they have struggled with access (in a nay context and for any reason) to get networked in, is simply not equitable. And I’m sorry, but for invisible disability it’s like telling a wheelchair user to grow a leg.

Saturated – losing my mojo, & the question of embodied existence as an autistic person.

Photograph by Stu Allsopp 2018 Don’t bother reading this. Yes – probably this blog post has been written before. Possibly even by me? I’ve written so very many posts since my diagnosis that even I can’t keep up! Deja vu, reinventing the wheel, this is what comes to mind when I hit the web theseContinue reading “Saturated – losing my mojo, & the question of embodied existence as an autistic person.”

Troublesome People – a New Year’s Resolution. #autism

 It’s perhaps important to conclude with the view that faux enablers are not necessarily ‘bad people’ per se. They may have good intentions which are simply maladaptive. This is tricky, because the truly malicious may be easier to discern and disengage from. In the end it doesn’t really matter – the only thing which does matter is you. 

Face it! #prosopagnosia #autism.

I’ll put it out there – I’ve had a very challenging time of it recently. It’s a funny thing finding out you’re autistic late in life. I still sometimes wake up in surprise at my ‘newfound’ situation – and lately find myself astonished at some random moment in my day when my autism is revealedContinue reading “Face it! #prosopagnosia #autism.”