This is What I Do

This post is visual and follows on from my discovery of Amanda (now Mel) Baggs’ 2007 video, In My Language. The original post about Mel’s video is called I See Myself. Half homage, half exploration – I continue to see myself anew. Feeling my way into thinking, knowing, planning and fluid speech through tactile experienceContinue reading “This is What I Do”

I see myself

Objects vibrate, resonate, empathise and chatter. Objects speak. I’m so very grateful to Steve Silberman for introducing me to Amanda Baggs (now Amelia/Mel) on p16 of  NeuroTribes.  In 2007  a CNN video entitled ‘In My Language‘ featured Mel’s autistic language, consisting of wordless singing and stimming with objects and in response to the environment. In myContinue reading “I see myself”