Toxic fancies #puppetgate

Image is by Nick Rutter taken from the Arts Desk.

My blog today will be short. I’m about sick and tired of giving my time to @allinarowplay, which has become like the proverbial turd which won’t go down on my Twitter timeline.

Today however bought some relief in the form of Saskia Baron’s incisive “…soapy and shrill pity party” review  

There have been other monumental reviews such as Dr Shaun May’s masterclass in reviewing – oh if only @allinarowplay would take the expert consultation offered here.

But it’s no use worrying away at the conundrum as to why @allinarowplay have ignored all expert advice because the clue that they never would was there all along. It just got obscured by that big ugly puppet.

Yes, our rightful focus on puppet Laurence has meant just one thing. We forgot that the toxic fancy never budged, nor did it even wobble or remotely change in hue. Unlike Kibo Productions who at least had the grace to change their marketing images on The Big Things  in 2018, there have been no such overtures by Paul Virides’ company.

Keep your eyes on the toxic fancy, my friends. It remains upended and it is still blue and, like the poisoned candy I feared a stranger might feed me when I was a child, it is the stuff of fairytales.

When Saski Baron wrote the following she broke the spell,

“I’ve been around autistic people all my life and no matter how profound their communication impairments might be, I’ve never met one who didn’t know when someone didn’t like them.” 

These people have tried to gaslight a community with their everyday ableism but it won’t wash.

The toxic fancy is the tell.


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