The wrong autism!




I have been thinking about the constant demands to adapt to a neuro-normative culture and be the autistics others would like us to be.

There’s usually a snag.

Being autistic – being diagnosed late in life – is a process (of) unbecoming.

I can’t do what I can’t do, and I can’t be what I can’t be.

Not ‘neurotypical’ with quirks –

I really am autistic.

I’m just not the autistic you want me to be.

Ah yes, and so it is.

Autism is as real as concrete or snow (except it doesn’t melt).

But you need us to fit in to your ways.

Got it. Ah yes. I got it.

I caught it, and caught on.

I’m suppose to be this, that and the other.  All things, in fact.

All things except the one thing I am.

This autism is not convenient.

Not at all.

With regrets and adieus.

This is the wrong autism!

Just the wrong kind.

























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8 thoughts on “The wrong autism!

  1. Being diagnosed later in life and having to exist in an earlier era and survive we would have to have an epoch relevant expression of our autism .
    One which doesn’t necessarily gell with that expressed by a younger generation having the advantage of neurological awareness of difference.

    I feel like I exist in the twilight zone.

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  2. “Unbecoming” is a wonderful word! It’s like a little code: it doesn’t say too much, but those of us who have lived it can understand.


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