Landscapes of Resistance #Resist

February 7, 2017 § 2 Comments


Work in progress in my studio.

(This configuration is almost accidental and will change – the hanging doll at this stage has no clear meaning)

How to deal with the political emergency in the so-called United States of America?

I’m working on a funding proposal which means I’m online a LOT. Application is online, I also need to liaise with my collaborator – and then there is pinball brain. The brain I’ve written about before.

And so I click.

And so I see, and see. I read and read. Acres of online print – the Tweets, the links, the lot. I’ve used up my free reads on The Nation and the New York Times, I’m following dozens of US journalists. My need to keep up is voracious.

I question my motives. Is this obsession. Yes. But it is also work for me.

I am understanding at first hand what fascism looks like and how it grows. It’s a crash course in this digital age, and the unresolved hows and whys of European history in the 1930s and 40s are suddenly revealed.

A generation is waking up though we don’t sleep. We’re getting it.

And as I click I see also that resistance is rising. My work is a vigil – like all my other vigils. I am watching. Waiting for justice.

As an artist I do what I can. I march. I make. I write and publish these thoughts.

My laptop and my studio form the sites of my resistance.

Yesterday I made a start with some sketches on improvised boards.

Today I bought 12 canvases for a new installation to be shown in May. I have my work cut out to produce a series which will be called Landscapes of Resistance.

It may not seem much. But it’s all I have.


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§ 2 Responses to Landscapes of Resistance #Resist

  • Elena Thomas says:

    The doll has no meaning?
    The doll is stunning… Downcast eyes and defiant stance from a hanging position…
    The doll has meaning for this viewer. I know I have said before I’m not “a painting person” but I find your ability to combine the object with the canvas fascinating. Before reading the text, the image has me looking at the canvas through the doll… A way in… My access point…
    So whether the doll stays or goes, it’s done the trick for me…

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    • soniaboue says:

      TY Elena – the doll is so powerful it’s a bit scary. So I vacillate. It’s true she’s only there because the cord was in place and she was in the way in the studio (always the space issue). It’s the kind of solution I improvise all the time. But then I wheel back into memory and grasp through the fog at a conundrum I experienced much earlier – how to display the doll and wall based means hanging is an option. Hanging a representation of a human baby is almost taboo if you think about it. SO I hedge. The painting is a sketch – it’s all so provisional and yet it feels right.

      Such interesting feedback – TY again!

      S xx

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