Arts Council Funding & diversity

February 29, 2016 § 4 Comments

This video speaks for itself on the question of inaccessibility of the ACE funding application process.


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§ 4 Responses to Arts Council Funding & diversity

  • alexforshaw says:

    If our thought processes are woolgathering then they are asking for the carded and spun end product. A lot of effort goes into the processing, and it requires skills that are far from universal.

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  • Hi Sonia
    I cannot say that I have the same neuro-divergent thinking that you do, but I am completely with you about being accepting, and valuing, such diversity.

    One of my rants is that in order to be good in a technical discipline, we need to embrace our artistic side far more and widen the vision of what it means to be, say, a programmer.

    Sounds like the Arts Council need to widen their vision too! I would say they have less of an excuse for narrow vision than the techies. Once again we have a confusion about the applicability, or otherwise, of business principles.

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