Talking Head

To my surprise I made this video today. I was finishing up working through performance ideas when it occurred to me to speak to camera. It had been a productive morning. I decided to strip back my forthcoming performance The Sadness of Being Nothing, to it’s bare essentials as I suddenly saw that it had been too cluttered. Most of the objects had to go.

I was also vacillating over whether to wear some vintage/character clothing for the performance as originally planned. This may also have to go in favour of neutral black performance wear.  I have to consider the aesthetics of the piece very carefully and can’t quite decide which way to turn yet.

It wasn’t until after I instinctively turned to the camera to speak and recorded a full 3 minutes that I realised that I had achieved a kind of fluency that is usually difficult for me when in front of a camera.

This is an example of how when I myself can control the speed and flow (demands) of speaking, when the pressure’s off (any recording can be deleted), and when the subject is incredibly familiar and has been rehearsed in various forms I can own it. I too can be a taking head.

I noticed too that I was still wearing my costume. Was I speaking in character? Did my clothing help me become a talking head? This is a question I can’t yet answer. My actions were so instinctive I can only say that the act of dressing up was part of the process. Receiving instant feedback on camera as I spoke was also a factor in enabling me to gain unusual fluency.

There are simple accommodations which can allow the neurodivergent mind to flourish and join the conversation.

What I should say most of all is how glad I am to be able to talk about refugees. It’s such an important subject.


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3 thoughts on “Talking Head

  1. you bring so much to today, have such a vibrant perspective with your own eyes and the eyes of your family, can’t tell you how much i appreciate your voice and your perspective and what you do. thanks for all of this, my friend.

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