Ode to Shelter


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The visual poetics had me quite breathless today at the glorious Abbey at Sutton Coutenay, Oxfordshire. My assemblage, entitled Refuge has survived 11 nights sleeping rough and today in the late Summer sunshine finds echoes in it’s surroundings. What an extraordinarily beautiful place this is. Visit if you can – open 1-5pm until Saturday 3rd October for the final days of Unravelling Time.


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I am an artist.

2 thoughts on “Ode to Shelter

  1. It’s fascinating to see the little changes in just the few days since I was there. Although it’s not moved in space, the piece is becoming travel-worn by its journey through time. It’s starting to feel weary and abandoned.

    I absolutely adore the effect of the sunlight in the courtyard there: there’s a magical feel to the way the irregular shadows of the canopy of leaves combine with the regularity of the paving, contrasting light and shape. The whole Abbey is such an inspiring setting; I’m so glad I visited.

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