Another video in a series documenting my working process. I am a neurodivergent artist, part of a community of people whose neurology is a natural variant of the human genome. My brain works in non-neurotypical ways. There is a need for neurodivergent people to become visible and demonstrate the ways in which our wiring differs, often to our advantage. Here making is showcased as thinking. A poetic logic emerges when work develops unplanned – the kind of logic I don’t think you can ever really plan for actually.  The ability to channel unconscious processes and capture and recognise spontaneous connections is a particular strength in my practice. This represents some of my video capture over a day at my studio in Oxford. You will see that I attempt to pick up my painting practice after the long Summer break and work over an unresolved painting on board.

For a full description of my process during the making of the video you can read about it on my art blog Barcelona in a Bag.


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I am an artist.

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