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  1. This is something I can identify with so strongly. When I write, the inspiration is wordless: a combination of feelings and images that has such energy that it compels me to communicate it. The written word, that flow from my mind through my hands that does not involve the effort of speech, comes much more easily.

    I write like most people speak: I begin and continue until I have finished. I rarely if ever go back and edit. That’s not to say that I have a complete idea in mind when I start. I have a concept of crystalline clarity but it’s not possible to describe directly in words; instead I must weave a narrative, describe a path through my idea in a way that marks out its shape. I often don’t know what direction that path will take when I set off on the journey. The language of my thoughts is not English. It’s not even verbal. That’s why I think of writing as an exercise in translation.

    Speaking requires all of that, plus the effort of taking the words and vocalising them, monitoring the aural feedback with the attention of a sound engineer and making adjustments. Then there is the immediate reaction of the audience to be observed and decoded. So much conscious involvement that distracts from the primary mission of communicating. And that is why non-speaking and non-real-time forms of communication are so much easier.

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